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We offer custom-made medical care that meet your specific needs

Diagnosis and treatment

Covid-19 Sequelae

Please feel free to contact us if you are suffering from the sequelae of Covid-19

Sequelae of Covid-19

Analysis and Diagnosis of Aging

The best way to make Productive Aging a reality is to receive regular physical examinations for early detection, early treatment, and early evaluation.

Examinations and Checkups

Our Clinic

Cure Aging

Our mission is to cure aging!
We have been the first in the world to measure many aging markers, including NAD!

We use the term premorbid state to define the physiological circumstances that will eventually lead to illness.

Have you been experiencing any subjective symptoms of physical discomfort lately?
Have you felt somehow sluggish, or get tired easily, or had a cold, headache, stiff shoulders, dizziness, or insomnia?
You may think you are just a little off because you are too busy at work... After all, the results or your last check-up were not that bad, right? Well, you may be wrong there. Even if your physical examination did not find anything unusual, the presence of these subjective symptoms may already be a sign of premorbid state.
Premorbid symptoms vary from person to person, and there are cases where there are no symptoms whatsoever. On those cases, people are not aware of their illness the physical examination reveals it. Obviously, the key to regaining health is to take care of premorbid situations as soon as possible.
Many believe we will live to be 100. Recently, scientists have come argued that biologically speaking, humans may have the capacity to live for 120 years or more. This is leading to active research on how to extend not only the life span in terms of age, but also the number of years we can live in good health, or what is called health span.

We provide treatment using nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), a substance with a high potential for reducing age-related diseases.

COVID-19 Sequelae (Outpatients)

Since February 2020, many people around the world have reported suffering from intermittent symptoms, such as slight fever, malaise, strong fatigue, numbness, respiratory distress, headache, and loss of appetite, that have been appearing for a long time. Many people have also complained of poor physical condition after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination. As many as 30-40% of COVID-19 cases suffer from sequelae, even if the symptoms in the acute phase subside. The sequelae include dullness, difficulty breathing, abnormal tastes and smells, and a certain decrease of mental capabilities. Some patients have been able to return to their job places, but get tired much more easily as before and cannot cope with their daily activities. The treatment of these sequelae must take an integral approach that consider not only the physical aspects, but the mental dimension of the problem, too, and also offer support on their return to their working life. At our clinic, all our departments cooperate in our treatment of COVID-19 sequelae to provide only the best. The treatment consists mainly in NMN, but Western medicine and Chinese medicine are used as appropriate. We are currently receiving patients from places as distant as Hokkaido to Okinawa.

COVID-19 Vaccination Sequelae

We have started a service for outpatients who suffer from the sequelae of the COVID-19 vaccination. Those may include the following: strong general malaise, getting tired easily or as soon as you move, chest pain, pain that seems to move around your body, limb pain, lack of appetite, difficulty to walk, dementia-like defective short-term memory, difficulty to remember. Only sequelae from COVID-19 vaccination is considered an illness, so there is no economic assistance for cases of sequelae from vaccination. Young patients are not covered by the nursing care insurance either. If you find yourself in that situation, do not hesitate to visit us.

Complete Physical Examination

As they say, "The first wealth is health.” Even if your physical shows nothing wrong, there is always the risk that you may be suffering from a disease that cannot be detected during a standard examination. In order to diagnose your health and check your physical condition, we recommend that you have a checkup in conjunction with one of our examination courses. In the unlikely event that a disease is detected, our doctors will work with you to find the most appropriate treatment. If you need more detailed examination, treatment, or hospitalization, we will help you with the procedures.


Stay healthy and live a full life.

We focus on anti-aging therapy and preventive medicine.

With the aim of becoming a Clinic That Does Not Let You Get Sick, we will provide high quality consultation and treatment to help you learn about aging, as well as how to enjoy it and how to fight it.
In addition, we will help you maintain your health as a Clinic That Stays Close To Your Illness.
We will continue to expand the range of our services in the future.

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