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Covid-19 Sequelae

Please feel free to contact us if you are suffering from the sequelae of Covid-19

About the sequelae of Covid-19

Analysis and Diagnosis of Aging




Cure Aging

Our mission is to Cure Aging! Cure Aging!
We have implemented many of the world\'s first aging marker measurements, including the NAD measurement!

Unwellness is a state of being on the way to illness.

Have you been experiencing any subjective symptoms of physical discomfort lately, such as feeling somehow sluggish, easily tired, or cold, headache, stiff shoulders, dizziness, or insomnia?
If you are aware of these symptoms of physical discomfort, but you are taking them lightly, thinking that the results of my physical checkup are not bad and I am just a little under the weather because I am busy then be careful. Even if there is no abnormality found in a hospital examination, the presence of these subjective symptoms is already a sign of pre-symptomatic state. The symptoms of pre-symptomatic state vary from person to person. If you feel even slightly unwell, it is the beginning of a pre-symptomatic state.
However, there are cases where there are no subjective symptoms of pre-symptomatic illness. In some cases, people may not become aware of their illness until the results of physical examinations or other tests reveal abnormalities. In any case, the key to regaining health is to take care of pre-symptomatic diseases as soon as possible.
It is said that we live in an age of 100 years of life. Recently, it has come to be thought that biologically speaking, humans may have the capacity to live for 120 years or more. Under such circumstances, there has been active research on how to extend not only the life span in terms of age (lifespan), but also the number of years one can live in good health (health span).

At our clinic, we provide treatment using nicotinamino mononucleotide (NMN), which is said to have a high potential for reducing age-related diseases.

Outpatient After Corona

Since February 2020, people worldwide have reported symptoms such as low-grade fever, fatigue, severe fatigue, numbness, breathing difficulties, headache, and loss of appetite that have been prolonged, come and go. There have also been reports of illness after coronavirus vaccination. It is said that 30-40% of new coronavirus infections cause aftereffects even after the acute phase of the disease subsides. Symptoms include lethargy, breathing difficulties, abnormal taste and sense of smell, and a persistent foggy feeling in the head. Some patients are able to work but feel more tired than before the infection, while others have a strong sense of fatigue that makes it difficult for them to lead a normal life. Treatment of the aftereffects requires not only physical pain, but also mental care and support for returning to work. In our hospital, each department and division cooperates with each other to provide treatment. In addition, we are actively providing treatment for these patients. We focus on NMN treatment and also use Western medicine and Chinese herbal medicine as needed. Currently, many patients from Hokkaido to Okinawa are visiting our clinic.

Outpatient for post-neoplastic coronavirus vaccine

We have decided to establish an outpatient slot for those suffering from the aftereffects of the new corona vaccine. (Sequelae of the vaccine are) Intense general malaise. Tires easily. Tiredness immediately after moving. Or chest pain. Pain moves from place to place. Pain in arms and legs. Lack of appetite. Difficulty walking for some people. Short-term memory impairment, as in dementia. Cannot remember things. Some people complain of these things.
Although coronary sequelae are recognized as a disease, there is no concept of post-vaccine sequelae, so there is no compensation. Since they are young, they are not covered by long-term care insurance either. The concept of post-vaccine sequelae is not recognized. If you are a patient with these problems, please visit our clinic.

Complete Physical Examination

As they say, "The first wealth is health.” Even if your physical shows nothing wrong, there is always the risk that you may be suffering from a disease that cannot be detected during a standard examination. In order to diagnose your health and check your physical condition, we recommend that you have a checkup in conjunction with one of our examination courses. In the unlikely event that a disease is detected, our doctors will work with you to find the most appropriate treatment. If you need more detailed examination, treatment, or hospitalization, we will help you with the procedures.


Stay healthy and live a full life.

We focus on anti-aging therapy and preventive medicine.

With the aim of becoming a \"clinic that does not let you get sick\", we will provide high quality consultation and treatment to help you learn about aging, as well as how to enjoy it and how to fight it.
In addition, we will help you maintain your health as a \"clinic that stays close to your illness\".
We will continue to expand the range of our services in the future.

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