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NMN Clinic Only

We sell a whole range of exclusive NMN products, “NMN Clinic Only”.

As the world’s first to commercialise nutraceuticals with a high NMN content, our products were selected as a test food for a new clinical study at the University of Washington School of Medicine, funded by the US Department of Defense, in recognition of our research achievements and NMN purity, among other virtues. Our NMN is truly ‘academic quality’ NMN.

Several research institutes have determined the purity of our NMN is well over 99%, and it has been found safe for both humans and rodents.

Our NMN, which is manufactured by Mirailab Bioscience, has such purity that only one other company in the world commercialises such high-purity NMN nutraceuticals.

Mirailab Bioscience’s NMN was the first in the world to be used in a safety test on humans. In addition to demonstrating its safety, we confirmed the expression of the sirtuin genes, an increase in melatonin and other growth hormones in a long-term (24-week) administration clinical study at Hiroshima University School of Medicine.

Our clinic’s NMN products use only ‘complete β-NMN’, which does not contain any α-NMN mixed in, thanks to a special manufacturing process.

These products are only available to patients visiting the clinic.
If you wish to make a purchase, please make an appointment for our clinic.


NMN Clinic only 9000: 118,800 JPY
NMN Clinic only 6000: 64,800 JPY
NMN Clinic Exclusive 3000: 32,400 JPY

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