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Various intravenous infusions and injections MENU

NMN infusion1 time (campaign price)4 times (campaign price)8 times (campaign price)
NMN 150mg¥15,000
NMN 300mg¥30,000¥110,000¥220,000
NMN 400mg¥40,000¥150,000¥300,000
NMN 500mg¥50,000¥190,000¥380,000
NMN 600mg¥60,000¥230,000¥460,000
NMN 700mg¥70,000¥270,000¥540,000
NMN 800mg¥80,000¥310,000¥620,000
NMN 900mg¥90,000¥350,000¥700,000
NMN 1000mg¥100,000¥390,000¥780,000
NMN 1100mg¥110,000¥430,000¥860,000
NMN 1200mg¥120,000¥470,000¥940,000
NMN 1300mg¥130,000¥510,000¥1,020,000
NMN 1400mg¥140,000¥550,000¥1,100,000
NMN 1500mg¥150,000¥590,000¥1,180,000
NMN 1600mg¥160,000¥630,000¥1,260,000
NMN 1700mg¥170,000¥670,000¥1,340,000
NMN 1800mg¥180,000¥710,000¥1,420,000
NMN 1900mg¥190,000¥750,000¥1,500,000
NMN 2000mg¥200,000¥790,000¥1,580,000
PRP Therapy¥150,000〜
Vitamin C infusion 10g¥3,200
High concentrated vitamin C infusion 25g¥8,500
Premium Fatigue Relief Infusion¥18,000
Whitening drops (white jade drops)¥1,600Glutathione 600mg
Whitening drops (white jade drops)¥3,200Glutathione 1200mg
hydrogen drip infusion 100ml¥2,000
hydrogen drip infusion 200ml¥3,000
Garlic injection / Liver function injection¥1,500
placenta injections¥4001A
skin whitening injection¥1,500
Diet infusion¥2,500〜
Diet infusion (special)¥8,000〜
Chelation infusion¥12,000
Chelation infusion (set of 10 infusions)¥100,000