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Online Medical Treatment


Online medical care is a medical examination method that allows patients to make an appointment at a hospital (clinic), undergo a medical interview, receive a medical examination, receive a prescription or medication, and make payment over the Internet by connecting from a smartphone or PC.

Five reassurances

  1. Online insurance treatment available from the first visit. No need to travel or wait for hospital visits! At your favorite time and place.

    In the usual face-to-face medical examination, it takes a long time to prepare for the visit to the hospital, travel to the hospital, and wait at the hospital for the actual medical examination. With online medical care, patients can receive consultations at their preferred location and time, such as at home, at work, or at a hotel, making it possible for them to see a doctor during the gaps in their busy lives.

  2. Female physicians are available, allowing for more in-depth consultation than face-to-face consultations.

    Face-to-face consultations are commonly known as 'three-minute consultations', where you rarely get to take your time. In the Anamne online clinic, a dedicated female doctor will be available and will ensure that you have time to see the doctor, so you will receive a more thorough consultation than ever before.

  3. Convenient ongoing use with little or no input burden for return visits

    Since basic information and medical questionnaires are entered and maintained online, when a patient returns for a second visit with the same symptoms as the previous visit, the previous information can be used and the patient can be seen with little or no need for input. This is very convenient when symptoms are stable and you are prescribed the same medication that you normally receive.

  4. Online medical care - real pharmacy pickup, so you can receive your medications in the shortest time possible and with no shipping costs.

    Online medical treatment requires several days to receive the medicines if the entire process is completed online, and delivery costs are high. Anamne's online clinic uses the BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) system, which is linked to a nationwide system of pharmacy outlets, allowing patients to pick up their medicines at their local pharmacy on the same day or the next morning, without being charged extra delivery fees.

  5. After purchase, physicians provide support through chat medical consultation.

    After-sales support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for online medical consultation to help you with any concerns or questions you may have after your purchase.

Flow of Online Medical Treatment

  1. Make an appointment for consultation/questionnaire

  2. Medical examination via video call

  3. クレジットカードで

  4. お薬または処方箋が

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