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Sterilized warm water cleanses and massages the intestines. You can expect healthier intestines and body, and that will reflect on your outer appearance.

Anti-aging effects, such as health promotion and beautiful skin.

It is considered to have a detoxifying effect (toxin removal effect) and an anti-aging effect that makes the body clean from the inside.
Water absorption in the intestines is improved, and skin problems are solved.
For example, it eliminates acne, rough skin, wrinkles, etc. Since the components of putrid gas dissolved in the blood are eliminated, which results in better blood circulation and beautiful skin.

It is also expected to have a weight loss effect.

It is also considered that the cleanliness of the inside of the intestines helps the absorption of water from the inner walls, which improves metabolism and brings about weight loss effects.

About the treatment

(1) Counseling and examination
After measuring the vital signs and a medical interview, the doctor will examine the patient to determine if there are any problems with the procedure.

(2) Preparation for the treatment and start of the cleansing
The patient changes into a special gown, and we will explain the course of the treatment.

(3) Treatment completion
After the treatment, we will monitor your physical condition and give you advice on diet and exercise as needed.