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New coronavirus PCR test

We offer PCR testing for the new coronavirus using nucleic acid detection (saliva collection).
We can issue a negative certificate for overseas travel.

If you are “asymptomatic” and meet any of the following criteria:
・ You plan to travel overseas or within Japan for business and need to have the PCR test results certified.
・ You are planning to meet with a person who is at high risk of infection (likely to become seriously ill) and need confirmation of the new coronavirus infection.
・ If you have to keep close contact with people frequently and wish to be tested.
・If you are able to come to the clinic by 17:00, you will receive the results the next day at 18:00, and a negative certificate for overseas travel can be issued on the day after that. However, if the next day falls on a Tuesday, Sunday, or holiday when the clinic is closed, the test will be issued on the following weekday.

Test fee: 25,000 JPY (not covered by insurance)
Certificate fee: 5,000 JPY (not covered by insurance)

・If you have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher, or if you have had close contact with an infected person, please consult a medical institution specializing in fever or your local health center.

Definition of a close contact by the Japanese National Institute of Infectious Diseases (as of April 20).
A person has had a “close contact” it he or she has meet with the patient (confirmed case) during the period of possible infection, and who falls within the following range.
・Persons who lived with the patient (confirmed case) or had prolonged contact with the patient (also in a car, airplane, etc.)
・Persons who examined, nursed, or cared for the patient (confirmed case) without appropriate protection against the infection.
・Persons who are likely to have had direct contact with contaminated materials such as airway secretions or body fluids of the patient (confirmed case).
・ Other persons who have had contact with the patient (confirmed case) for more than 15 minutes without the necessary infection prevention measures at a distance that allows hand-to-hand contact or face-to-face conversation (approximately 1 meter).