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What are the most effective anti-aging foods, drinks, and diets?

In recent years, both women and men have become concerned about aging, and anti-aging care, including its nutritional aspects, has been gaining attention. In this section, we will talk at length about anti-aging foods, drinks, and dietary methods that are effective in preventing aging.

Causes of premature aging.

The main causes of premature aging are oxidation and glycation. Oxidation is a process by which cells in the body are damaged by the attack of reactive oxygen, causing them to lose their functions. Oxidation has been associated with skin problems, such as spots and sagging, aging, cancer, and lifestyle-related diseases. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) is produced when oxygen is used and cannot be completely removed from the body. On the other hand, superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, which are types of ROS, protect the body from pathogens and viruses, and moderate amounts of ROS are useful for maintaining the health of the body.
The mechanism that inhibits the action of these reactive oxygen species is the antioxidant effect. Antioxidant activity, like the immune system, declines as we age, especially after we are in our 40s, it is more likely that our oxidative power will start to outweigh it. However, if you pay a little attention to your regular diet, including active intake of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, polyphenols, and uric acid, antioxidant effects can work well even at older ages.
Glycation, on the other hand, specifically refers to the process of cell damage caused when sugar is consumed in excess and it binds to bones and proteins. When excess sugar and protein are combined in the body, a harmful substance called “AGE” is produced, which attacks proteins in blood vessels, bones, internal organs, muscles, skin, hair, etc., causing functional deterioration. Both oxidation and glycation have been studied as problems that lead to aging.

Nutrients and foods that prevent aging.

We can make a few changes in our daily diet to prevent aging. Here are some of the nutrients and foods with anti-aging effects.

Animal proteins: meat, fish, eggs.

Animal proteins in meat, fish, and eggs contain high levels of amino acids, which are the raw materials for skin and hair. These proteins are known for their anti-aging effects.
In addition, unless there are special circumstances, the recommended daily protein intake is 60 g for male adults and 50 g for female adults, so it is a good idea to check the nutrition labels on food packages or on the Internet to have an idea of how much protein you normally consume.
In addition, there are 20 types of amino acids, found not only in different foods, but in different parts of those foods. Therefore, the anti-aging effect is higher when amino acids are taken from multiple ingredients in a balanced manner.

Minerals: seaweed.

Minerals that are found in seaweed and seafood include calcium and magnesium. Calcium helps build strong teeth and bones, while magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and body temperature. Minerals are heat-resistant and dissolve easily in water, so steaming is the recommended cooking method. These nutrients keep you healthy and you will look younger than your age.

Soy isoflavones: soybean products.

Soy isoflavone is a nutrient found in soybean products such as tofu and natto, and is known to work in a similar way to the female hormone estrogen, promoting skin metabolism, maintaining hair luster and elasticity, preventing cholesterol increase, and regulating the autonomic nervous system. All these effects make you look younger, so if you are thinking about anti-aging, you should take these products.

Vitamins: nuts and vegetables.

Vitamins are also essential for anti-aging, but there are many different types of vitamins. For example, vitamin E, which is found in nuts such as almonds and walnuts, has been shown to prevent the oxidation of lipids, and vitamin C, which is found in many fruits and vegetables, has antioxidant properties. Consuming a variety of vitamins will help us stay healthy and will help us fight aging.
When eating vegetables, try to eat them warm rather than raw, because raw vegetables will make your body cooler. Vitamins A, D, K, and E are resistant to heat, while vitamin C is weak, so keep in mind the characteristics of each vitamin when cooking your meals.

Anti-aging drinks.

Next, let’s look at drinks with anti-aging properties. We recommend drinks with antioxidants, like polyphenols and chlorogenic acid.
First of all, red wine, coffee, green tea, and black tea contain high levels of polyphenols. Polyphenols have antioxidant properties and are recognized for their effectiveness in keeping skin and hair healthy and preventing arteriosclerosis. However, coffee and tea contain caffeine, so be careful not to drink too much of them, as it is the case with red wine. Note that chlorogenic acid is contained in coffee.
Also, choose warm drinks rather than cold ones. That way your body stays warm and the absorption rate increases.

How to eat to prevent aging.

The secret lies not only in food and drinks, but also in the way we eat. In this last section, we will discuss how to eat to prevent aging.

Eat moderately.

It is easy to eat in excess after a hard day of work or housework, but be aware that too much fat, carbohydrates, and salt can lead to glycation. By keeping your stomach at the right level, you can prevent high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and accelerated aging due to obesity.
You can eat until you are full, but pay attention to not eat too much. Also, make sure to eat a balanced diet of vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs.

Don’t eat too much sugar.

Be careful not to eat too much sugar. It is a well-known fact that sweets such as chocolate, ice cream, cakes, cookies, and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. However, we are rarely aware of the amount of sugar they actually contain. As an example, a 50-gram bar of chocolate from a famous candy maker contains the same amount of sugar as 6 sugar cubes (a sugar cube weights around 4 grams). In addition, many snacks contain a lot of flour and sugar, and fried products in particular can lead to excessive intake of fat as well as sugar.
Also, most soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners, which are considered to produce 10 times as much AGE, as regular sugar. Be careful if you think you are safe because your calory intake is low. When you we are tired, we tend to reach for sweets, but the sugar contained in them can lead to the production of large amounts of AGE and the acceleration of aging. Be moderate with snacks. AGE is also found in fried foods such as fried chicken. Cooking at high temperatures increases AGE, so it is recommended to cook foods at low temperatures, such as boiling or steaming, rather than frying, grilling, or stir-frying.

Eat in the right order.

Just paying attention to the order in which you eat your food can have an anti-aging effect. First, eat vegetables that are high in fiber to slow down the rise in blood sugar. Next, eat meat and fish that contain protein, and finally carbohydrates such as rice and bread.
If you eat like this, carbohydrates are less likely to be retained in the body, suppressing the formation of AGE. You may be tempted to eat rice with your main dish, but try to hold back. Daily accumulation is important. In addition, it is also important to chew your food well. Eating slowly will help prevent overeating and promotes digestion.

We have introduced foods, drinks, and dietary methods that are effective anti-aging measures. We encourage you to consciously consume antioxidant-rich foods and drinks. Let’s maintain a good health. If necessary, we also recommend taking antioxidant supplements, such as NMN products.

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