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“My knees hurt so much that I can't walk anymore”, “I feel depressed when I look at the stairs”, “In the end, I had to give up traveling and sports, and spend most of the time at home”… If you have any of these problems, please contact our clinic.

Supports self-healing and helps tissue repair.

PRP therapy is a treatment method frequently used in Europe and the United States because it supports “the ability to heal yourself”. Since PRP is rich is growth factors, injecting it into a damaged part of your body promotes tissue repair (this effect has been called “quick healing” “pain relief”).

We will use your own blood.

Our PRP treatment uses your own blood, so there are no allergic or rejection reactions, so it is safe. In addition, PRP treatment can only be performed at medical institutions licensed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (in Japan), so you can receive it with confidence. At our clinic, PRP is generated in the hospital, so prompt treatment is possible.

About the treatment

(1) Blood sampling
We collect a suitable amount of venous blood (30-60 ml per joint) for the treatment.

(2) PRP creation.
Create PRP by applying the collected blood to a PRP preparation device. Adjust the concentration according to the patient's condition.

(3) PRP administration.
Your doctor will explain the injection procedure. The produced PRP is injected into the joint.