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We have started a service for outpatients who suffer from the sequelae of the COVID-19 vaccination.
Those may include the following: strong general malaise, getting tired easily or as soon as you move, chest pain, pain that seems to move around your body, limb pain, lack of appetite, difficulty to walk, dementia-like defective short-term memory, difficulty to remember.
Only sequelae from COVID-19 vaccination is considered an illness, so there is no economic assistance for cases of sequelae from vaccination. Young patients are not covered by the nursing care insurance either.
If you find yourself in that situation, do not hesitate to visit us.

Case 1: Female (23)

Keeps feeling unwell even after about two months after vaccination. Each person feels differently in cases of sequelae. She thought she had never had before anything worth calling illness. She graduated from university in spring and started working for a company in Yokohama. In mid-September, she was the first to receive the Pfizer vaccine at a hospital in her city, as the number of infected people increased in Kanagawa Prefecture and reports of vaccinations continued. The next day, she started feeling terrible, with a headache and a slight fever. She underwent blood and PCR tests at multiple hospitals, but nothing unusual was found. Some doctors said she probably felt sick because she was scared of receiving the vaccine in the first place. Even if she searched online for "vaccine" and "side reaction," she could not find any information on long-lasting symptoms like the ones she was having. She contacted the City Hall of Yokohama and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to inquire about specialized medical institutions and treatment methods at Yokohama City and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, but to no avail. She continued to work from home from the day of her vaccination, but her condition did not improve and she decided to take a leave of absence. She returned to her home town in Sendai in early October and continues her recuperation.