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Early detection of gastric cancer and colorectal cancer is vital. At our clinic, specialists examine and perform tests minimizing the burden on patients.

Early detection is important.

Stomach cancer and colon cancer can be almost completely cured if detected early.
However, polyps, which are the cause of cancer, are almost always asymptomatic.
That is why it is important to detect them early through regular examinations.

Minimize the burden on the patient.

Our clinic uses anesthetic jelly and intravenous anesthesia before the procedure to minimize the burden on the patient as much as possible.

About the treatment

(1) Medical interview and Examination
You will be asked to fill in your symptoms, medical history, and current medical history in the AI questionnaire, and then you will be examined by the doctor.
Before the examination, you will be asked to eat and will be given instructions on how to take laxatives.

(2) On the day of the test
We will check your diet and stool.
You will be asked to change into your examination gown. We will use sedatives and local anesthesia to minimize your pain.

(3) Test completion
After the examination, you will be asked to rest in the recovery room, after which the doctor will explain the results.
Basically, there are no dietary restrictions after the examination. If you have undergone a procedure, please eat something easily digestible for a few days.