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New Service: In-house Measurement of Chromosome Telomere Length, a Marker of Aging.

Moving forward with the launch of analysis mailing kit

The Tokyo Ginza Wellness & Aging Clinic (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Director: Takahiro Otani) launched an in-house measurement service of chromosome telomere length, one of the markers of aging, on January 10, 2023. This aging level measurement is performed on peripheral blood mononuclear cells, using a method developed by our in-house laboratory with the medical support provided by Mirailab Bioscience Inc.

The price for this service is 20000 yen, tax included (a separate consultation fee is required).

Telomeres are structures at the ends of the chromosomes in our cells that protect important genetic information. When cells divide and multiply, the telomeres lose a small section and get shorter. Metabolic processes translate into cellular divisions that repeat again and again during the decades we live, and as a result telomeres get shorter and shorter, but there is a limit to this reduction. When telomeres reach their shortest size, cells can no longer divide and produce new cells. This is one of the reasons why we age. Shortened telomeres are also associated with an increased risk of developing aging-related diseases(1).

The shortening of our telomeres is greatly influenced by our environment and way of life, so improvements in our lifestyle could slow down this shortening rate(2). A recent research paper also points out that the ingestion of nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) may make telomeres longer(3). Furthermore, it has been suggested that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which is produced inside our cells from NMN, may reduce the negative impact that telomere shortening has on our health(4).

Mirailab Bioscience Inc., which provides medical support to our clinic, was the first company in the world to market NMN supplements, and as a leading NMN company, continues to work towards the realization on a global scale of productive aging based on scientific evidence and to contribute to the improvement of society’s quality of life.

As part of such efforts, Mirailab Bioscience is not only manufacturing and selling NMN supplements, but also developing and launching mailing test kits, like the telomere length test, for measuring the degree of aging and predicting the onset of aging-related diseases(5, 6).

Through medical treatment, research and development, our clinic hopes to contribute to the extension of healthy life expectancy in today’s super-aging society, as well as to the development of medicine and medical science in the future.

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(5) World’s First! In-mail Test to Know Your Real Age by Quantifying Your Mitochondria. Pre-order now!
(6) Launch of personalized mailing kit that “predicts through AI the risk of developing 13 diseases” based on cohort data obtained from 5 million people.