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Stay Healthy with Your Loved Ones

In order to realize "a clinic that does not let you get sick," our clinic will continue its efforts to make the following three pillars possible.


Custom-made medical care that meets your specific needs

Understanding Aging

How much is your body aging? We will assess your "aging level" by performing an evaluation based on the latest aging and life span research.

Enjoying Aging

Aging itself is not a disease. Why don't you find a way to enjoy your life according to your "aging level"? At our clinic, we can help you with professional consultation.

Fighting Aging

The latest aging research also teaches us how to prevent "aging". We aim to implement such methods under the firm guidance and evaluation of our doctors.

Features of our clinic

We incorporate the latest technology and knowledge and invest heavily in equipment.

We have an in-house laboratory to properly diagnose premorbid conditions and lesions that cannot be detected in other hospitals.

No architecture barriers.

The entire hospital is designed to be barrier-free, so the elderly and those in wheelchairs can visit with ease.

We provide medical treatment by appointment only, with no waiting time.

Our clinic is by appointment only. Please make an appointment in advance for your first visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.